Monday, November 2, 2009

Generators, Mosquito nets, and Travel Nightmares

Hello - FINALLY- from India. We arrived early this morning (monday in india) and arrived at this weeks destination - Ranchi. Getting here was one of the most challenging issues we've ever faced. EVERY single flight was either delayed, canceled, or the plane was broken. We missed a whole day of ministry in Delhi as a result, which was disappointing. Delta, throughout, has been consistently horrible. But despite the constant setbacks, our spirits are up even if oujr body is tired.
I sit here now under a mosquito net in a room with a bucket for a shower and a sometimes working toilet. I'm rooming with Jason, who you'll see and hear more about. How we are getting wifi when we have no phone signal and no electricity apart from a generator I have no idea.
We've spent the day with Job, who's full name is Watchmen Nee Job (how cool is that??). He is an amazing pastor and overseer of literally thousands of pastors in this part of India. He spoke to me about how his music team translates their hymns into 27 dialects into order that the every people might hear the Gospel. How refreshing and challenging to see music in the Church in a way that evangelizes and unifies the body, many of whom have suffered mild persecution (if there's such a thing as mild). Job is the picture of a missional lifestyle, doing whatever it takes to see the Gospel reach every people, even in his own country.

How can you pray for us?
- Pray for our health. We are very weary from traveling and need rest. Pray against mosquitos and malaria and stomach sickness. Pray for our digestive health and the transition to Indian food/drink.
-Pray for Classes as they begin to start. Randy and I are teaching Foundations (Randy) and the theology of the Kingdom of God (me) and Jason and Jessica are teaching public health. After being here for a few hours - I can see what a huge need this will be. Zach is filming and hopefully making us look good :).
- Pray for the pastors and churches of this region, scattered throughout as an overwhelming minority. Muslim prayers can be heard on loudspeakers every few hours. Pray that the Gospel of Jesus would outlast and overwhelm the forces of darkness.

We truly covet your prayers moving forward. God is here - He was long before we were. Let us join in praying that His kingdom becomes a reality right here in our midst.




  1. Sounds like a blast!!! Delayed flights, bucket showers, mosquito nets--you are getting the full third world travel experience. Savor every moment.
    We miss our travels so much.

  2. Oh, so great to read an update on your trip. I WILL PRAY! Maggie

  3. Been praying for safety. Glad you got there. Will continue to keep you in our prayers as we enjoy your updates.