Monday, November 9, 2009

Elephant Rock and the greatest leader I've ever met...

We've been in Madurai for two days now. It's a city on the southeast corner of India. All, for the most part, is well.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak and sing at a village church for their Sunday services. The Church was called Zion Church, and they we're second and third generation Christians (which is not common around here). The pastor's father was a Hindu priest who came to Christ and started the Church. He has since passed, but he wrote several books throughout his life, including concordances and Bible study materials in Tamil (the local language). This was evident in that the Church had a high regard for the reading of the Bible, and every member was eager to turn to each passage I mentioned. They are trying to build a new, larger facility, which they are very proud of, so pray for them. I have an email contact with them and will keep in touch to measure the progress.
That night we visited the home of Paulus and Rosie, two of the leaders of the overarching ministry that we are supporting. After listening to Paulus' story, I think he might be the greatest leader I've ever met. How so? 5 years ago, he saw a local need to form an AIDS clinic, and so he organized it and built it to a successful clinic. The Indian government approached him about leading the movement across the nation (something that would have meant a huge paycheck), but he wanted to have the freedom to share Christ with the patients, so he turned them down. Later in 2005, a group in Holland approached him about doing the same in other countries. They wanted him to start and establish similar AIDS clinics in 7 Asian countries. by 201o. What does Paulus do? He built, led, and creating teams in place, and now has passed off leadership to local leaders in all seven countries - a year early. This man has established 7 fully functioning, successful Christ-centered AIDS clinics across Asia in 4 years. Amazing! And what is he doing now? In his own words, waiting to hear from God about what is next. This, my friends, is a great leader (with a huge, if not equal help from his lovely wife Rosie).
Today (Monday) I helped Zach, of filmaker, get shots across India. He and I have become good friends in our time together, and he's an awesome, very talented guy. We took a sketchy adventure today throughout the region, which included pushing our broken down van, seeing our first monkey, getting borderline shaken down in a shady carpet store, and listening to a driver who spoke English, but did not understand it. It was, and will be quite the story. But in the process we filmed two of the most prominent landmarks in the region, the giant temple and Elephant Rock. Here's some pictures (I didn't take).

Well thats all for now. God willing I will update tomorrow. Keep praying. God is doing some great stuff!

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